Festival bby

So summer is officially here, and with it, kicks in the festival season. Festivals are always a tricky feat to dress for, with the sweltering heat and crowded mass of bodies in the mosh pit. One friendly tip – always wear close toed shoes. I know those sandals are super cute, but your toes will be thankful for it after they’ve been trodden on for the umpteenth time. Also, disposable cameras are a safer and cheaper alternative to losing your DSLR in the crowds, and maybe a bum bag or cross-shoulder pouch could substitute for the MIMCO pouch. Keep your carry-ons to a complete minimum.

Stuck on outfit ideas? Take a look at some of our quick and easy festival styling tips below:

1) Match Maker

Co-ords are quick, simple, and super easy to style for the days when you just can’t be bothered figuring out what looks good with what. Our Krystal Set is the perfect festival-ready outfit; it’s lightweight, pretty and best bit – the shorts have pockets!

http://www.tweettweetfashion.com.au/krystal-crop.html http://www.tweettweetfashion.com.au/krystal-shorts.html
Shop the crop here and shorts here


2) Let’s Play

Festivals are when things can get a little bit wild and adventurous. That’s when playsuits come in handy, they won’t heat you up, and can save you from a little bum flash this festival season. And let’s be real… who actually goes to the toilet at festivals…

Shop our Last Chance Playsuit here


3) Modern Girl

Sick of the typical garish colour you see at festivals? Well you can still keep that festival-ready look while toning it down with neutrals and monochrome. A bustier crop and a pair of shorts can give you that modern edge that’ll keep you from looking like a hippie at the next gig.

http://www.tweettweetfashion.com.au/spectrum-crop-17353.html http://www.tweettweetfashion.com.au/summertide-shorts-17669.html
Check out our Spectrum Crop and Fearless Shorts online


4) Boho Baby

Love boho but afraid to wear them out in public? Well there’s no other time to just screw it and dive into your boho prints than now. If you’re still a bit reluctant to go all out, you can tone down a printed top or bottom by pairing it with a solid colours or a denim jacket. This one is our go-to festival outfit, with a loose tied boho crop and classic A-line denim skirt.

http://www.tweettweetfashion.com.au/ezra-pants-17762.html http://www.tweettweetfashion.com.au/adina-denim-skirt.html
Shop our Ezra Crop and Adina Denim Skirt


5) In the Sky 

For all our little dreamers out there, this outfit is for you. Pairing light, chiffon white tops with a sky blue bottom work well to match with that dreamy summer sky.

http://www.tweettweetfashion.com.au/sky-high-shorts.html http://www.tweettweetfashion.com.au/tops/croptops/seychelle-crop.html
Seychelle Crop and Sky High Shorts 


6) Back to the Bahamas

Bring the beach feels to the festival with our Ohio Crop. Pairing it with a black bralette can bring out a sexy contrast to the beachy crochet pattern. Paired with some classic denim and you’re all good to go!

http://www.tweettweetfashion.com.au/ohio-crop.html http://www.tweettweetfashion.com.au/naive-top-18486.html http://www.tweettweetfashion.com.au/remedy-shorts-18214.html
Ohio Crop, Naive Top, and Remedy Shorts

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